My name is Eddie Evans and I'm #134 on California's trauma practitioners' list. Most likely, since you're reading this, you don't need my death cleanup services. If you did, you would not know to look on the Internet. You see, our Orange County sheriff's coroner's office is also in the death cleanup business. Unlike them, I run my business in the free enterprise market. They, on the otherhand, run their business off suffering tax payers. That is, coroner's employees direct families of victims to violent homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths to their own companies or a crony company. This is fraud. Be that as it may, I do clean after death for homicide, suicide, and unattended death everywhere else in California.



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Death Cleanup

Death Cleanup Prices

I go by Eddie Evans, the name my mother uses for me. You might have found me on the Internet under Eddie Evans because of my large Internet footprint. If you wonder why I have so many web sites, here's why.

In Orange County coroner and county administrator employees, a small number for sure, refer death cleanup work to companies for kickbacks or companies they own. Yes, some Orange County employees own cleaning companies and receive work from the coroner and county administrator's offices. I suspected this corrupt relationship for years and failed to take direct action about it until March, 2010.

As a consequence of death cleanup fraud I placed many web pages on Orange County's Internet search engines. If you visit google, yahoo!, and bing you find my web sites near or at the top of organic web sites. Organic web sites make up the real web sites for their pages. All of the other web sites reflect pay-per-click and google's local business addresses, which are also real, but not "organic."

Try finding Orange County Suicide Cleanup. Once you've tried out google, yahoo!, and bing for suicide cleanup try it for Orange County Crime Scene Cleanup. You soon see that I have hundreds of web pages on the Internet. You may wonder why I have so many web sites in on the Orange County Internet and still do not have homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or unattended death cleanup work.

I have the Answer

I have one answer. Anyone with experience testing the Internet as I suggest comes up with a similar, simple answer. Coroner's employees refer crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and decomposition cleanup to other Orange County Biohazard Cleanup companies.

Death Cleanup Prices

I quote my prices on the telephone. When I reach a death scene I keep my quoted price in 99% of the time. Only once have I needed to change my price, and that's because the caller described a death scene he had not seen.

Yes, I charge less than $999 for most single death cleanups. Shotgun suicides cost quite a bit more, but my prices remain well below my competitors' prices. How can I charge less? I can charge less because I clean for myself. I do all jobs alone. I have no workmen's compensation to pay, no health insurance for workers to pay, no overtime, none of that. There's no reason for Fullerton residents to pay more than I charge.

Decomposition Cleanup

Decomposition death cleanup follows unattended deaths and suicides undiscovered for days, weeks, or longer. Fluids vacate the body almost totally; what remains dries The remaining matter constitutes biohazard material until destroyed, sealed, and removed.

Decomposition begins when the heart stops pumping blood. Within minutes micro-organisms commonly circulating through the blood stream begin to die. Other micro-organisms come into play as they populate the decomposing body. On the exterior of the body micro-organisms begin to die off, and others replace them and begin to populate in large numbers.

Within 72 hours the body begins to host flies, maggots, and other insect and animal life. After the third day the body's color darkens rapidly. Soon the body will swell. The warmer the weather, like Fullerton's summer months, the faster decomposition occurs. The sooner death cleanup begins, the sooner these destructive biological processes stop.

With an unattended death, fluids generally remain near the body. If the floor has an angle these decomposition fluids flow in the direction of the floor's angle. If these fluids reach the wall or vents, they may well head downward. When these death fluids reach walls, they may wick up the wall a bit. If these reasons do not cause quick blood cleanup, perhaps the next will -- flies and maggots.

Flies and other insects add to the nearby contamination of the area. However, since their contaminating material remains dry in most cases, it does not constitute biohazardous material, but it could be infectious. This means that not all infectious materials are biohazards, but all biohazards are infectious.

Homicide Cleanup

Homicide cleanup rarely involves advanced decomposition issues. It's the nature of homicide that the majority occur in homes with witnesses nearby. In fact, roughly 54% of homicides occur between domestic partners. Other homicides also have witnesses and rapid death cleanup services.

Homicides may reflect some of the same issues involved with suicide cleanup. Wide-spread biohazard materials may need disinfecting, removal, thorough cleaning of the area, more disinfecting, and finally sealing wide areas. Sometime ozone machines and chemical foggers must follow the death cleanup process to ensure decontamination of wide areas.

Like unattended deaths, blood and other fluids may cause cause concerns for floors and walls. The type of floor, the type of walls, the weather, and other variables come into play for homicide death cleanup.

My prices for homicide cleanup remain low and I seldom have reason to charge any more for homicide cleanup than any other type of death cleanup.

Suicide Cleanup

By far among the saddest death cleanup tasks, suicide cleanup resembles homicide cleanup work in so many ways. Decomposition comes to mind for suicide cleanup as mention above. The great difference between suicide cleanup and homicide cleanup arises with distance issues. The close proximity of the suicide weapon, which usually consists of handguns about 63% of the time for white males, causes issues like those of a close quarters homicide.

White males do commit suicide about 73% of the total suicides in the United States. white females commit about 17% of total suicides in the United States. Explanations for these inordinate number of suicides come in the way of high expectations unmet in later years, loneliness, access to drugs and alcohol, and of course, guns. These figure probably apply to Fullerton, more or less.

Women do not use guns for suicide as often as men. Death cleanup following female suicides often comes as a decomposition job because their deaths occur unattended in a quite, private place.

Older white males often have chronic illness or impairment in their health in past years.

Often these men have marital issues like divorce or may have become recently widowed. We find during suicide death cleanup that these males were shy, ashamed, or unconcerned about seeking help.

Finding help in Fullerton for suicidal thoughts may be found at TIPS, but other resources do not come to their minds as easily as they might want. Disinterest and lethargy afflict suicidal people, causing them to resist finding help. "What's the use?".

Compounding problems for many in Fullerton, a loss or potential loss of earnings affects their sense of worth. Feelings of powerlessness and worthlessness begin to develop as time moves on. Time moves faster for the older person, at least their perception of it.

Looking back they may recognize a more successful, happier time. Looking forward their resources to recover the past's wealth and influence seems out of reach.

Isolation and withdrawal have a part in the suicide victim's past. With these emotional triggers a deep sense of loss and abandonment permeates their time.

A parent, sibling or loved one's suicide adds to their overall sense of abandonment and loss.

Unattended Death Cleanup

My comments above about decomposition cover much of unattended death cleanup issues. Price wise, my prices remain fairly close to the other types of death cleanup. Cutting out floors and walls does add to the price, but I do remain below $999 for the reasons cited.

Biohazard Waste

Whenever I cannot dilute, chemically alter, dry out, seal, or otherwise cause biohazards to be inert (without a viable habitat for germs), I place them in my deep freezer, not my kitchen freezer, though. . Within any 30 day period Stericycle picks them up for burning or burying. No one tells me which.

I must leave for now because it's late. Do call if I can help with your Fullerton death cleanup needs. I can also offer suggestions related to other areas of biohazard cleanup.

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